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Dental Fillings

Almost 90% of adults experience a tooth cavity at one or the other point in time in their lives. The cavity is a common tooth problem that can be treated with proper metal-colored dental fillings or tooth-colored dental fillings. Whatsoever be your oral condition, our team of qualified dentists knows how to take care of your teeth.

With visible and invisible dental fillings that look quite natural, our dentists have got all your tooth filling needs covered. We aim to ensure your overall oral well-being by providing dental solutions that ensure health and aesthetic benefits.

Who Needs A Dental Filling?

A patient may need a dental filling if he/she:

  • Has a mild or moderate tooth decay
  • Has an existing filling that needs to be replaced
  • Has a hollow cavity in the tooth
  • Has a composite filling that is damaged or worn
  • Has a small fracture or crack in the tooth
What do We do?

At both facilities, our team of dentists knows how cruel a tooth cavity or its pain can be. With the right dental filling technique, we fill the hollow space between a tooth that generally arise due to decay or accidental damage. Our tooth-colored fillings bind with the teeth in a manner that looks completely natural, thereby restoring the appearance of your smile.